Alexis Jordan Adams (born 04 October 1998),  is an American (sadly) singer, songwriter, comedian, writer, actor and record producer. Adams was best known for her work I Want Your Sex (Pizzology Mix), Kidzbop Version, the infamous parody of the George Michael single "I Want Your Sex",  from Michael’s debut solo album Faith, that she wrote with her friend, Mads. Instead of the song being about partaking in a monogamous, sexual relationship with one person, it is about pizza (and she doesn't even really like pizza all that much, to be honest), as well as starring in various indie and homemade shitty movies, which (thankfully) are nowhere to be found, unless you were her summer camp teacher Mr. Fitzgerald in 2011 and 2012. If he ever sees this, don't expose her like that. Because that's mad fake.

Being raised on music by Elton John, George Michael, and many other great artists of the 1970's and 1980's, Adams grew up relatively cultured because today's music is absolutely garbage.

In an exclusive interview with Adams's manager, Tyler Lybolt, Lybolt admitted that in 2010 he had fabricated a story about Adams starting one of "Black Friday" type brawls at a Pennsylvania Wal-Mart in August 2009. "I don't know. I was bored. Nothing was happening and I wanted to see something spicy." Adams has since denied these claims, because she did not meet Lybolt until 2012, and she has never even been to Pennsylvania.

Things She Has Gone And Done

While she was a student at Wareham High School, Adams would often start this movement called "The Clap". When incited by herself and other classmates, more often than not, it would be out of random and for no real reason whatsoever.

"We would put like, three or four kids in each corner of the cafeteria, and maybe one kid in the middle," Adams recalled in a 2016 interview. "and we'd have one of the kids in the either of the corners start clapping as a signal. Then the others would start. Soon enough, we'd get, like, 275, 300 something kids clapping. We did it for shits and giggles but administration HATED it. So we continued to do it anyways."

Since she was QUITE the comedian in her high school days (she was voted Class Clown), Adams also began this running joke where she would call some of her close personal friends "dad". No one really knows WHY or how this whole thing started, but it has become a staple of her legacy.

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